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The Dallara SP1, also known as the Chrysler LMP, was a Le Mans Prototype built by Dallara. Initially used as part of Chrysler Corporation's attempt to win Le Mans, the cars were later sold to customers for use series such as the FIA Sportscar Championship and Le Mans Series.

Following Dallara's work in constructing the Toyota GT-One in 1998, the Audi R8R in 1999, and the Audi R8 LMP in 2000, the company decided to use their expertise to develop their own Le Mans Prototype for LMP900 class in 2001, specifically for use by customer teams as an alternative to the factory-backed efforts.

In total, only six Dallara SP1s was built.

Let's see the history of four of them :

the DO-002, the DO-004, the DO-005 and the DO-006.



After winning everything possible with the Viper GTS-R, Oreca and Chrysler would aim to an overall win at Le Mans with an ambitious LMP900 car, the project was called "Défi Le Mans".

In 2001, they entered three chassis at Le Mans and the subject car number 16 was driven by Karl Wendliger, Oliver Beretta and Pedro Lamy.

The car qualified 6th in the middle of the Audis and Bentleys. During the race, the car got closer and closer to the podium.

In the night, it was the fastest LMP900 car under the rain while it was third. Unfortunately, a broken water pump deprived it from a promised 3rd place on the podium. Nevertheless, it finished with an impressive and incredible 4th place just behind a

Bentley EXP Speed 8.

Bentley EXP Speed 8, the competition

DO-002 never raced after Le Mans 2001, it was used as a spare car for Le Mans 2002 and as a test car for the Judd V10.



After a promising first race in LMP900, Oreca wanted to continue this adventure with a Dallara. In collaboration with Playstation, Oreca entered two SP1 Judds. At this moment, the competition was particularly hard as there were Audi, Bentley, Cadillac, Dome, Riley&Scott, Panoz and Courage, in the game!

The subject car was the number 15.

Driven by Erik Comas, Oliver Beretta and Pedro Lamy, the car qualified 7th.

During the race, DO-004 kept a good pace which was better than the other private cars. Yet, the SP1 had clearly not the pace of the Audis. It finished 4th behind a Bentley and ahead its sister car.

In 2004, Oreca sold the Dallara SP1 DO-004 to the Rollcentre Racing ran by Martin Short. The car did lots of races.


2004 : Sebring 12 Hours (5th), Monza 1000 kilometres (5th),

Le Mans (DNF : crash)

2005 : Sebring 12 Hours (DNF : gearbox), Spa 1000 Kilometres (DNF : crash), Le Mans (DQ), Silverstone 1000 kilometres (DNF : Oil pump), Nurburgring 1000 Kilometres (31st), Istanbul 1000 kilometres (15th)



In 2002, Oreca ran two SP1s under Playstation colors. One of them is the DO-004 chassis which is the one we talked about just before it. And the sister car is the DO-006 which finished 5th at 2002 Le Mans. After it, Oreca sold the DO-004 and DO-006 to the Rollcentre Racing for the 2004 LMS season.


In 2004, the car did only three races, no Le Mans that year.

2004 Le Mans Series digest :

1000km of Nurburgring (6th), 1000km of Silverstone (15th),

1000km of Spa (DNF : crash)

In 2005, the Rollcentre Racing could not dream on a better season start as it finished the first race of the Le Mans Series on the podium. P3 at the 1000km of Spa!

24Heures du Mans 2005 :

Driven by Joao Barbosa, Martin Short and Vanina Ickx, the car qualified 9th with a lap in 3:39:643.

During the race, the car had some troubles as it finished 16th behind a 996 GT3 RSR.

For the rest of the season, the car had such incredible results as a 3rd place at the 1000km of Monza, a 3rd place at Silverstone and a 5th place at the 1000km of the nurburgring!

Martin Short kept the car until nowadays, he now races it in historic events.



DO-005 has been owned by the Doran Lista Racing (USA) who only raced it in IMSA between 2002 and 2003. This chassis did only six races.

In 2002, the car used to run in the IMSA SRP category.

2002 IMSA digest :

6h of Watkins Glen (23rd), 500 Miles of Virginia (2nd), 6h of Mont-Tremblant (WINNER), Daytona Final 3 Hours (4th).

DO-005 only raced twice in 2003.

- Sebring 12 Hours : 7th

- Road Atlanta : 5th

After it, the car was sold and then retired from motorsport. It is now running in historic races as a classic car.

The end! Hope you enjoyed reading this post! Such an incredible car... Miss this era of motorsport.

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You have to hear the wonderful Judd V10!






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