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Porsche tested the 963 LMDh at Daytona !


source : / / lemanshypercarnews instagram

Published the 09/06/2022

Did you know ? Porsche has built the twin-turbocharged 4.6L V8, which traces its roots back to the mid-2000s RS Spyder race car, with a road-going derivative also found in the 918 Spyder hypercar. Power is capped at 680 hp (500 kW) for the internal combustion engine and hybrid system working together and is measured by sensors to ensure no one gets over-creative.


"As race cars evolve, they're getting more complicated, not less," said Jonathan Duguid, managing director of Porsche Penske Motorsport. "A hybrid powertrain is more complicated. But that's also why we partnered with Porsche and formed Porsche Penske Motorsports, because the experience that [Porsche has] as a manufacturer developing hybrid road cars, hybrid race cars, and the Formula E Championship, it helps shortcut that process, and we can rely on the resources and everything they have," Duguid explained.


Nevertheless, Porsche weren't the only ones to make test at Daytona.

Last week three of the 4 LMDh manufacturers shared the track at Daytona to conduct a two day test at the track that will host next year‘s season opener for the IMSA championship. The two other manufacturers were Cadillac & Acura.

According to some unconfirmed news, the LMDh cars had the same lap times as DPi prototypes.

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