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Who's Le Mans Fan ?

Hi, my name is Lyazid, I'm a motorsport photographer. I live in Le Mans, the mythic city!

What's Le Mans Fan ?

Le Mans Fan is an instagram page which was created in 2018, just after Le Mans.

I have created this page to share my passion for endurance racing.

I used to screenshot some racing pictures on the web to publish them on the page.

How did Le Mans Fan become a Racing fan ?

In 2016, I attended to my first Le Mans race as a spectator. It was magical, I directly stopped playing football to go karting ! My passion change from football to Motorsport.

Since 2016, I have gone to all the Le Mans Race editions. I became a real racing passionate.

How did Le Mans Fan become a photographer ?

When I created my insta page, I used to share a content which wasn't mine. Besides I was bored to screeshot web racing photos... I wanted to share my own content.

It's why I bought my first camera in 2020 to go to the race track to shot cars. That year, you can't imagine my disapoint following the ACO announcement to organise the 24hours of Le Mans without specators, so I had to wait until 2021 to shot my first Le Mans race with a camera.


Any enquiries ? contact me !

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